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Off The Record

JOE "S##thead" KEITHLEY for years has rocked the world with his iconic punk rock band DOA.

These days JOE also proudly carries the moniker of Burnaby councillor.

Recently JOE along with his father and sister traced their roots back to the historical village called FINN SLOUGH in South Richmond along the Fraser river.

(Joe tells his history)







Local News

June 26, 2019


White Rock council hosts it's firs COMMUNITY FORUM this evening.

Residents are invited to stop by and tell council how they think things are going after just 5 months on the job.

Today at 6:30 PM – 9 PM

15154 Russell Ave next to the world famous Wyland Whale Wall in uptown White Rock.



The Provincial government is wrestling whether or not to continue with the practice of Daylight Savings time.

To that extent a feedback form is now available for you to have your say on whether or not we should continue the practice of setting the clocks ahead every year to create a Daylight Savings time.

(click here to participate in the public opinion survey)


June 25, 2019

Overwhelming citizen support for Surrey Police Department

The City of Surrey has concluded its public engagement process for the planned transition to a Surrey Police Department. Over a five-week period, 23 public engagement events were held across Surrey’s six town centres.

The results of the Citizen Consultation Survey were released yesterday Monday June 24.

A total of 11,103 survey responses were received. The following are some of the key findings from the survey.

It’s time that Surrey had a police department that is locally led: 93% Strongly Agree/Agree
I want police officers to build their career in Surrey, so they know the community well: 98% Strongly Agree/Agree
I believe our police department should prioritize its efforts based on what is important to Surrey citizens: 98% Strongly Agree/Agree

“The results of the survey responses speak volumes about the overwhelming support the citizens of Surrey have for the creation of a Surrey Police Department,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “It is clear to me that the people of Surrey are ready for the switch to a city police department and it is my desire to deliver on their wishes. I sincerely hope the Solicitor General can render his decision soon. We have a detailed plan in place, and we are ready and eager to start work on the formation of a Surrey Police Department.”

The full report on the public-engagement process is being compiled by staff. When finalized, the full report will be forwarded to Council and the public in mid-July.


Surrey RCMP awards recognize exceptional contributions to public safety

Karampal Sahota

On Friday, June 21st, the Surrey RCMP held its annual Officer in Charge Awards recognizing outstanding contributions made to public safety in Surrey by police officers, employees, community partners, and civilians. Recipients were honoured for their courageous efforts and decisive actions, as well as their investigational excellence and innovative problem-solving.

“The large number of recipients this year is indicative of the quality of officers, staff and civilians that police and live in Surrey,” says Surrey RCMP Officer in Charge, Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald. “I believe it is important to pause and recognize the contributions our officers and staff make, as well as the civilians who lend a hand when someone is in trouble. Much of the work being recognized goes largely unnoticed, but it is ultimately these efforts that keep our communities safe. I am very proud of all of this year’s award recipients and grateful for their service, bravery and commitment to community.”

In total, 65 awards were handed out, recognizing 376 people.

Surrey resident Karampal Sahota was one of six civilians presented with an award. Mr. Sahota was recognized for assisting police in locating the suspect of a pedestrian hit and run that claimed a woman’s life. He and his wife, along with another civilian, followed the suspect and reported his direction of travel which allowed for a quick arrest by police.

“I did what any decent person would have done,” said Mr. Sahota, whose wife was pregnant at the time. “I wish the outcome would have been better, but if I had a choice, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would have hated to see someone like that get away.”

Constable Attila Szalay (centre)

Constable Attila Szalay was recognized for his efforts in recognizing and apprehending an armed, wanted homicide suspect out of Washington state at White Rock's Peace Arch hospital.


June 24, 2019

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

Yesterday White Rock by-law officers were quick to respond to the area along Marine Drive sometimes called "The Hump."

Last month when staff informed council they were planning on cleaning up the vegetation on the hump at the request of owners of the condos across the street, council unanimously said "keep your clear cutting hands off of the hump!!"

The absolute devastation of vegetation along THE HUMP back in 2016 is still fresh in the mind of the current and past council members as well as many residents of the community.

The RCMP were called and names and identification was taken. Stay tuned.


Here is a random sampling of post on FACEB OOK courtesy Fiona MacDermid;

Bob Sharpe
 Fine, fines and more fines!

Barbara Higgins Cowley Trespassing and causing damage....if the Nootka Rose is there....White Rock's official Flower,they should be fined triple..

Jeff Breunig There is no respect left ... nothing... No intelligence either trees and shrubs stabilize the earth. If you want to see the Ocean get off your butt and walk down

Tracey Elizabeth Van Patter 'Leave The Natural Beauty Of White Rock Alone' ~ paws off! Enough of this bs. People randomly destroying whatever they feel like!

Nancy Milos Very disappointed in residents like this... honestly, who do they think they are? There is a very big issue with slope distablization too but I guess their selfishness doesn't consider that possibility. They want what they want, like spoiled children.

Margaret Fairbrother Garrison This is the time of year; wild life, rabbits, birdies, etc. inhabit in the brush and foliage. Leave nature alone. White Rock has faced enough change and destruction. Let it grow back.


Peace Arch Park - Freeway For Illegals?


A years-long investigation by federal authorities has uncovered an elaborate “human smuggling network” that may have helped close to a thousand Chinese migrants cross the Canada-U.S. border via a public park just steps away from a busy B.C. port of entry, according to newly unsealed court documents obtained by the National Post.


June 22, 2019

Two additional arrests...... 

it's a family affair

Two more arrests have been made in the murder of a young woman found dead in a burning car in 2017 in Surrey.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team have have announced that two men were taken into custody today.
They are not saying if the men taken into custody this afternoon are related to three other people already charged in Bhavkiran Dhesi’s death.

In May, her former boyfriend –21-year-old Harjot Deo– was charged with second degree murder.

Deo’s mother and sister are also charged with being accessories to the murder.


Indigenous Day Celebration

Al Nemeth photo

Members of White Rock council came together yesterday with the Semiahmoo First Nations council for a special ceremony to mark National Indigenous Day.

The public ceremony was held at Bernard Charles Plaza on the waterfront of White Rock in the East Beach area. Chief Harley Chappell and White Rock Mayor Walker both elaborated on the efforts of both parties to build a long lasting relationship for the future of both communities.

Chief Chappell's three sons and daughter performed traditional Coast Salish dances during the ceremony.

Small Plane Makes forced Landing 

 A small Cessna was forced to land near 48 Avenue and 208 Street in Langley yesterday afternoon, when its engine failed.

Andrew Trip saw the plane take off and says he was shocked when it came down only a few minutes later.

“Right away, we could hear it and you could hear it struggling,” says Trip. “So, it kind of alerted us right away. We watched it, the engine was going off and on, and sounded like it was having a really hard time.”

Cpl. Holly Largy with the Langley RCMP says no one was injured.

“It had engine failure and in an attempt to miss the power lines and land on the Newlands Golf Course, it overshot the golf course and ended up in a bush,” says Largy.

Two occupants were in the plane when it went down. It’s believed it was part of a flight training exercise at the time.

It’s not clear what caused the engine failure.


June 21, 2019

Here are the nine things that Crime Stoppers is urging every resident do at 9 p.m.:

  1. Remove everything from inside your car, including loose change, garage door openers and pop bottles.
  2. Roll up your car windows and lock the doors.
  3. Lock up all bikes, ladders and even garden equipment — don’t leave your lawnmower out.
  4. Make sure your garage door is closed, and that the door leading into the house from inside the garage is locked.
  5. Close and lock all the doors and windows of your home.
  6. Set your alarm, if you have one, and be sure to regularly check your video security equipment.
  7. Leave an outside light on overnight to illuminate your front door.
  8. Make sure that any package deliveries are picked up from your front step promptly.
  9. Don’t let newspapers or mail pile up, as this will indicate that no one’s home.

Insp. Mehat also encouraged citizens to join their local Block Watch, which provides monthly training on crime prevention initiatives and access to a series of speakers.


June 20, 2019

Cannabis Crowd

A capacity crowd turned out to the White Rock Community Centre on Tuesday evening.

CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) hosted a meeting on the benefits of medical cannabis. With the recent opening of INDIGENOUS BLOOM (see stories below) more and more seniors will be turning towards a natural form of treatment for their medical ailments.

(click here to visit CARP'S website for more information)




TNT The Naked Truth

Don Pitcairn

DON PITCAIRN has been the self appointed protector of all things concerned with vegetation control, slides and rail safety along the White Rock-Crescent Beach corridor.

This past weekend when news (see story below) that some condo owners in White Rock frustrated with the city's lack of what has been referred to as "vegetation control" decided to take matters into their own hands.

PITCAIRN decided to have a look at what was done.

(read more)


Night Owl

Music is front and centre both in Surrey and White Rock Monday to celebrate Canada Day

(check out this week's entertainment listings)


Chesney's Chestnuts

Boss: Congratulations! I'm promoting you to manage our Montreal office!

Young man (disappointed): But sir! There's nothing up there but bar girls and hockey players.

Boss (now insulted): I'll have you know that MY MOTHER is from Montreal!

Young man (thinking fast): No kidding? What hockey team did she play on?


Thought for the Day


Video Of The Day

This one is for Surrey mayor DOUG MCCALLUM.

The Town Without Roads

If you have ever dreamed of living in a town without any roads and cars then you might want to move to Giethoorn, Holland.


Community Calendar

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