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Recipe of the Week

Balsamic mustard pork chops. Yum yum.

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Local News

January 19, 2020

It's Finally Official

A touch of pride in our community this morning. Finally our pier receives the recotgnition it deserves.

It is no La Rue de la Quay. But it's ours.


Please Come Out Tomorrow Evening

The City of White Rock is hosting a public information session and workshop on Jan. 20 to gather input on how to spend up to $13 million in community amenity contributions (CACs), once they are collected.

Developers pay the City development cost charges (DCCs) to help with utilities like water, sewage and roads. They also pay CACs for capital investments to benefit the community.

Eligible Projects

Some projects the City of White Rock is putting forward for input are:

  • Enhancements to White Rock’s Pier
  • Affordable housing opportunities
  • Community Complex--administrative and public space
  • Waterfront parks
  • Park Improvements
  • Maccaud Park Plan, Centre Street Walkway
  • Funicular
  • Theatre Facility or Convention Centre with community access
  • Five Corners Plaza Plan (Rainbow Pathway)

Details for the information session and workshop are:

Public Information Session and Workshop

Monday, Jan. 20, 2020
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
White Rock Community Centre
15154 Russell Ave.
(Free underground parking is available at the Russell Avenue entrance.)

Community engagement opportunities and information updates will be posted at and shared through social media. There will also be an online survey available after the workshop for those who can’t attend.


January 18, 2020

Truck Driver Receives Serious Injury in Deas Tunnel

A driver for Canada post was seriously injured yesterday afternoon as he drove through the Massey Tunnel. A large piece of ice broke away from the ceiling and crashed through the window of his van.

A statement from the Transportation Ministry says its own staff and the maintenance contractor for the tunnel have assessed the are and there is nothing that leads them to believe there is further risk for travelers.

The ministry adds the busy commuter route has never seen an event such as this.

The 49 year old driver an unidentified resident of Surrey remains in hospital with serious injuries.


January 17, 2020

Surrey fire truck smashed by car on slippery road

A car heading north near the Serpentine Bridge in South Surrey hit two emergency vehicles on Thursday, crews say. (Courtesy Twitter/@IVIDIOT)

It was a small miracle nobody was seriously hurt after a car ran into not just one, but two first responder vehicles on Highway 99 in South Surrey Thursday night.

Crews said the car was driving north near the Serpentine Bridge when it arrived at the scene of a prior crash, where two tow trucks, a police cruiser, and a fire truck were just wrapping up their investigation of the two-car collision.

The approaching vehicle failed to stop and ended up side-swiping the police cruiser before rear-ending the fire truck.

Surrey fire battalion chief Brian Carmichael said there was significant damage to all vehicles.

“Our vehicle will be out of service,” he told NEWS 1130. “It is driveable, but I don’t think it is capable to do the job it was designed for, so we have a backup engine that is going to replace it.”

The driver and all of the other people at the scene escaped without major injuries.


How Fast Is Surrey Growing?

Building permits issued in Surrey breaks $2 billion mark

The City of Surrey set a new record in building permit values issued in 2019. The total construction value exceeded $2.29 billion last year, which is 33% higher than the previous record total of $1.52 billion from 2018.

In 2019, $1.57 billion of the construction value came from residential permits which translated to 6,632 new dwellings that will be built in Surrey.

“The economic confidence in Surrey has reached new heights and breaking the $2 billion mark in building permits is uncharted territory for our city,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “The livability, affordability and recreational amenities that Surrey offers have established this city as a place where you can raise your family or grow your business. With the new Surrey SkyTrain extension on the horizon and with Council’s Smart Development initiatives, Surrey will be a prime destination for new residents and businesses for years to come.”

While the Planning and Development Department issued a total of 16,498 building, plumbing and electrical permits in 2019, staff managed to reduce the wait time for single family dwelling to 10 weeks by the end of the year. In comparison, the wait time for a single family dwelling permit peaked at 25 weeks in 2017.


Walk Like A Penguin

 People are falling on the ice this winter; here are a few tips to help minimize your risk of falling on the ice.  The Penguin walk helps remind us how to walk on ice.

  • Keep your weight forward and on your front foot
  • Keep your arms out by your side to help you balance
  • Walk flat footed and take short shuffling steps
  • Wear footwear that provides traction
  • Step down, not out from curbs
  • Keeps your knees slightly bent
  • Walk on snow or grass if possible


January 16, 2020

Snow Clearing Update

The City of White Rock continues to ensure safe travel on the city’s roads. City crews began at 4 a.m. clearing Priority One roads and workers have now finished Priority Two roads.

The City’s solid waste collection takes place on regularly scheduled days.

Please monitor catch basins and clear debris, if needed, once the snow melts.

Visit To report an issue, contact or call 604-541-2181.


Check Before You Leave

The city of Surrey has now made public a link to all their traffic cameras throughout the city. A good thing this week with the varying road conditions, but also certainly worth bookmarking for future reference.

(click here for the link to hundreds of traffic cameras)


Amazon Pickup Stations?

Just noticed one of these up at Chevron at 208th and 40th. You just put in the address for the destination.

You will then get a code once the item is delivered. It is free to use.

Hopefully it will become useful to stop the porch pirates


January 15, 2020

Frozen Car Door Fix - Good To Know


BNSF Whistle Cessation

Beginning January 29th 2020, BNSF railway has agreed to train whistle cessation in White Rock!

BNSF Engineers will still blow horns as needed as warnings, and there will be a transition period following January 29th 2020 so there will still be a few horns, but BNSF has done their final inspections of the 8 crossings with the City and has agreed to whistle/horn cessation starting the end of this month!

A big thanks to White Rock City engineering for all of their work and to BNSF. 

***Please also stay off those tracks - BNSF can bring back automatic whistles so let's not give them a reason to!***


January 14, 2020

Feedlot Stink Continues

Despite the best efforts by residents living near a feedlot in South Surrey, the foul odor emulating from the location continues much to the dismay of those living anywhere near the lot located on 8th avenue in the 17200 block.

(read the full story from CBC news)


You've Got To Have Hope

This beautiful 8 bedroom 7 bathroom home on Pacific Avenue in White Rock's East Beach district recently was posted FOR RENT for $9,999.00 a month.

A group of quick thinking ladies in our community pondered the financial advantage of a group of 8 ladies pooling their current rent money and creating their own GOLD GRILS abode.

We'll keep an eye on how this idea progresses. There actually was a meet up at the house on Sunday where a number of interested ladies turned up.

1567 Pacific Avenue 6386 square feet, in unit laundry, pet friendly, garage parking - stunning views.

A neighbour living close to the home posted this comment today;

This house has only had people living in it for 4 months out of the 8 -9 years it’s been here. It’s been for sale again (3 round) for last 2 years. On their 4 Realtor/listing. 
They’ve reduced rental asking price from $13,000.





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Music from BIG PINK indeed.


Chesney's Chestnuts

HOUSTON we have a problem!

A man leaves home, takes three left turns, and is on his way back home when he sees two men in masks waiting for him. Who are they?

Fan: Robbers?

The catcher and the umpire!


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