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May 5, 2015, 11:24 pm Advertisments


Last night's double rainbow over Semiahmoo Bay

photo courtesy BILL HAWKE photography

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Night Owl

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White Rock Eagle Cam - LIVE

Two baby eaglets have been born in the White Rock nest. Perched high in a giant Douglas fir tree overlooking Boundary Bay the eagle nest gently sways in the cool ocean breeze.

Here is your opportunity to observe nature up close and personal. Check out the Hancock Wildlife eagle cam.

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Local News

May 05, 2015

Wednesday Is Hump Day - Except In White Rock

Crews were on the White Rock hillside yesterday cutting back the vegetation. According to a BNSF spokesperson the work is being done at the request of White Rock. With the exception of one old tree that is in danger of sliding on to the tracks, the same BNSF spokesperson is on record as saying no other trees will be removed.


May 04, 2015

Fraser Surrey Docks says it may skip barging coal to Texada.

......instead ocean going vessels may be loaded in Surrey instead.

File Photo

VTACC Voters Taking Action Against Climate Change have issued the following statement pertaining to a possible major change in how the coal dirt exports travelling through White Rock and South Surrey may be handled out of the Surrey Fraser Docks.

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Health warning about unlicenced Surrey dentist

Fraser Health has issued a warning about an unlicensed dentist, Valentyn Uvarov. People who received his services may be at risk of blood borne infections, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. If you received dental treatments from him, you should see a doctor. Uvarov practiced at 14275 ‐ 62nd Avenue in Surrey.


Please Fence Me In

Visitors to White Rock's famous beach front promenade did a double take over the weekend when they saw the mesh fencing that has now been installed along the railway tracks. Many visitors wondered why it had not happened years ago.

The entire promenade on the waterfront is now covered in mesh. The city is hopeful this will greatly reduce the amount of trespassing on the BNSF rail line. Work continues on the West Beach promenade on the two level foot traffic crossings which were ordered by Transport Canada. It is expected the crossings will be completed by the end of May.


Walk N' Roll

Global meteorologist MARK MADRYGA

MARK MADRYGA was on hand at Blackie Spit in Crescent Beach Sunday morning for the kick off of the annual "Hike For Hospice" walk. Hundreds of hikers through pledges by friends, family and neighbours raised thousands of dollars to support the work the White Rock/South Surrey Hospice Society does in our community.

Walkers were piped along the path to commence the walk

The long form 5km walk afforded the walkers an opportunity to see parts of Crescent Beach not normally seen by visitors


May 03, 2015

Community Conversation brought out a number of members of our community to discuss what is on their minds these days. Some of the topics discussed that will be followed up on were;

- Dogs on the promenade. Concern was expressed that if dogs were allowed along the promenade (on leash) there could still be the problem from the residue from fecal matter left by the dog, even after the owner had picked it up. The possibility of vicious dogs walking within close proximity to pedestrians and the fact some people young and old are simply afraid of dogs. It was noted dogs are allowed to walk along the sidewalk on the north side of Marine Drive in the summer which is far more crowded. A possible allowance of dogs on the promenade in the morning before 10 a.m. was discussed. One of the best motions that came from the floor is to put signs up near the parking dispensers so visitors to the city would know before spending any money for parking, that there dog was not allowed.

- Raccoons. A number of homeowners remarked they have seen first hand, vicious attacks on small cats, dogs and people in the community. One of the attendees believed other communities have a trap and release policy which will be discussed with city hall'

- Pesticide use on the waterfront by the rail line will be carried up with city hall. It was brought to the attention of the meeting by a resident that other cities and municipalities do not allow the particular material BNSF used here in White Rock.

- A resident inquired if the city of White Rock had made any decision on single family waste removal. The resident had received a phone call from WASTE MANAGEMENT stating the city of White Rock was moving to private garbage pick up on July 1. The resident said he found the phone message on his answering machine this week, but noted the called may have been working of an out of date list and confused him with his brother who lives in a multi family residence. This matter will also be forwarded to city hall for clarification. Councillor CHESNEY and FATHERS stated they were not aware a decision had been made. Councillor FATHERS identified the RFP Request For Proposal closure date had just passed.

May 04, 2015

UPDATE - A phone call this morning to WASTE MANAGEMENT confirmed the phone message left on a private individual's answering machine was in fact an error. The official of WASTE MANAGEMENT apologized for the errant message.


The next Community Conversation will be June 06. Please attend and bring a friend.

CBC was also on hand. (click here)




The Canada Revenue Agency has extended the tax filing deadline to May 5th, instead of April 30th. Canadians have been given five extra days due to a clerical error.


April 26, 2015

Do You Know Anything?





The Naked Truth

DISCLAIMER - The content and expressions of The Naked Truth are the sole responsibility of the author Don Pitcairn. The opinions do not reflect the feelings of the owner of The White Rock Sun or any contributors.


Who better to comment on public physical appearance than DON PITCAIRN

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Off The Record

UNCLE WIGGLY'S HOT SHOES BAND was voted the Top Blues Band in British Columbia last summer at the big White Rock Blues Challenge @ Semiahmoo Park.

The boys in the HOT SHOES BAND and UNCLE WIGGLY are looking forward to hitting Blue Frog Studios next Saturday night. This is going to be a fun night.

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Meet The Neighbours

MARY MIKELSON poses proudly with two of the beautiful sculptures carved by her late husband ARNOLD.

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Coming Events

Thursday Evening

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Joke Of The Day

A man was addressing the ball when an announcement came over the loud-speaker: "Will the gentleman on hole number one please not hit from the Ladies' tee box."

The man backs away, a little distracted, then approaches his ball again. As he does, the same announcement comes over the loud-speaker: "Will the gentleman on hole number one please not hit from the Ladies' tee box."

The man is getting irritated now, and after backing away from his shot, approaches his ball one more time. This time the announcement came: "We really need the gentleman on hole number one to move off of the Ladies' tee box!"

To which the man turns around and yells: "And I really need the announcer to shut up and let me play my second shot!


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