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April 16, 2014, 1:11 am Advertisments


The Flag Man of White Rock is moving uptown.

Goodbye Russell - we'll miss your beautiful display of flags

HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY, WHITE ROCK! Surrey's Ward 7 was officially incorporated as the City of White Rock on April 15th, 1957


where you can vacation - and be home the same day



Night Owl

Tomorrow night will be the second to last night in the weekly DIAMOND IN THE ROCK youth talent search.

Come on out to the Roadhouse Grille. The music kicks off at 7 p.m. Come early for dinner.

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Local News

April 15, 2014


For years all levels of government in Canada and the United States have vehemently denied the release of chemical sprays over the heads of residents in many cities across North America.

The Lower Mainland is one of those selected areas. Despite numerous requests over the years from The White Rock Sun, officials simply dismissed the inquiries as based on nothing more than conspiracy lunacy.

Thankfully former Premier BILL VANDERZALM knows what buttons to push and how to maneuver through the political maze.

(read Bill's inquiry and Environment Canada's response)


Now Why Didn't We Think Of That?

The City of White Rock seems to have solved the problem of those pesky view blocking trees on the hump of Marine Drive between East & West Beach.

MOW 'EM! Work crews were busy doing just that yesterday as they cut down the recently installed new railings in order to easier access those damn invasive bushes along the hillside. The thought being, while we are here, let's mow the trees as well. Makes perfect sense don't you think?

Concerns on how the trees looked like crap after the job was done were met with an easy solution. Wait a month and the leaves will grow in and cover this mess up.

Now why didn't we think of that?


Would The White Rock RCMP Ever Do This?

West Vancouver and White Rock have both been dealing with a similar problem pertaining to the use of long boarding on city streets. Watch this GLOBAL TV video of how a member of the West Vancouver Municipal Police dealt with a recent infraction of long boarding on city streets.

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Clouds Cover Up Eclipse Of The Moon

Unfortunately cloud cover over the Semiahmoo Peninsula made it very difficult to witness the blood moon last night. A blood moon occurs when there is a total eclipse of the moon. This is what a time lapse photo of the eclipse looked like.


April 14, 2014

Bel Aire Residents Cry Foul Over City of White Rock's Methods

Last month when the city of White Rock issued a building permit for the expansion of the Evergreen Baptist Care Facility. most casual watchers thought work would begin this Spring on the new tower.

That was not the case with every resident of the Bel Aire building located next door to the proposed development. The group filed papers in Provincial court on March 20. White Rock's lawyer is scheduled to respond this week to the charges the Bel Aire residents have identified.

(read the whole story)


Another Council Meeting - Another In Camera Meeting

Despite Mayor Baldwin's criticism of previous councils "in camera" meetings, the behind closed door sessions show no sign of abating. Prior to last night's council meeting once again council went behind closed doors.

Watch the public portion of last night's council meeting tonight at 9 p.m. Shaw Cable 4

(read last night's agenda)


Surrey council will also meet last night. You are able to watch the Surrey council meeting live on the internet, as well for your convenience council meetings are archived for later viewing.

(click here to read last night's agendas)


April 11, 2014

White Rock To Open Up Road Ends

White Rock has struck a task force to develop a plan to promote the existence of a well kept secret in the city, road ends. The city has no less than 5 large vertical prime pieces of property along the city's hillside that for the most part have been ignored. That is about to change. The first road end to be discussed is Centre street which runs between Columbia avenue and Marine Drive.

The idea is to turn these spectacular green spaces into green spaces/parks to be used by all members of the community. Step 1 of the public phase was held last night to engage residents that live directly adjacent to the first road end (Centre Street) from there the city will move to phase 2 of creating the template for the other 4 road ends.

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April 10. 2014

OCP Official Community Plan

Artist's rendering of proposed development

Over 200 residents from White Rock and the surrounding area came out to the city's hosted Open House last week in order to get their feedback on the proposed development of a structure that is being marketed as The Oxford.

The proposed twin towers of 21 and 24 storeys would be built at the the corner of Oxford Street and Thrift Avenue on the land presently owned by EPCOR, the company owned by the city of Edmonton that owns and manages our water system

The meeting was recorded and comment sheets were provided for feedback. White Rock city staff will compile all the comments and prepare a report to council on whether to move forward with the requested amendment to the Official Community Plan, which would be necessary for this project to proceed to the next stage.

(read the comments of last night's speakers-click here)


April 09, 2014

Keep The Cameras Rolling

Dad On The Nest @ Sunrise

We drop in on the White Rock eagle nest. A day in the life of Dad as he guards the pair of eggs in the nest. Then flies out for breakfast, comes back with a fish, eats it all himself and then gets back to work sitting on the eggs.

Please make a donation to keep the cameras rolling?

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Join the legions of fans of the eagle cam. Check in on a regular basis and tell your friends, especially children they will love it.

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Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

..blocking out the scenery breaking my mind

The city of Surrey says "Better Signs - Mean Better Business." In an effort to convey their message to retailers the city has created an easy to understand video

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If you would like more information on the city sign by-laws which will now be strictly enforced (click here)


Speaking of Signs

Nice to see the good folks at POTTERS on 128th Street in South Surrey have a good sense of humour.


April 07, 2014

White Rock Policing Stats

Lesli Roseberry NCO of the White Rock RCMP detachment last month presented the annual crime report to the city of White Rock. Read an overview of the incidents and types of crime the local RCMP have dealt with in the past year

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Naked Truth

When the cops came cruising into DON PITCAIRN'S yard in the middle of the night, they found him and his wife buck naked and surprised about the visit.

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Meet The Merchants

What do you get when you mix two parts successful businessman and one part musician? Music Makers that's what.

White Rock's BOB DOUGLAS found out many years ago most band rehearsal facilities had a lot in common. Red shag carpet, bad side of town and cat pee.

It was only natural that one day DOUGLAS would change that time honoured tradition. Enter MUSIC MAKERS.

(read more)


Recipe of the Week

Just in time for Easter next weekend. A bone in honey ham recipe that ill win you rave reviews.

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Now & Then

Do your recognize this White Rock building? The White Rock Bakery opened in 1969 and was a favourite through the 70's of many of the residents of White Rock and South Surrey.

Read locals memories of the White Rock Bakery (click here)

Today the building is home to The Small Ritual Coffee Society located at the corner of Prospect Avenue and Johnston Road, under White Rock's clock tower.


Coming Events

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An ugly season for the Vancouver Canucks came to an even uglier ending Sunday evening.

The Canucks concluded a disappointing 2013.14 campaign with a 5-1 win over the Calgary Flames at Rogers Arena but the final score was hardly a concern in this game.

(Canucks website)

In Other Hockey News

Abbotsford Heat announced today they are leaving the Fraser Valley.

The AHL team will be leaving the city after the Calder Cup playoffs. The city has paid out millions of dollars in recent years to cover the team's losses.



Catch The Wave

Vancouver Whitecaps FC (2W-2L-2D) came out on the attack against perennial MLS Cup contenders Los Angeles Galaxy (2W-1L-1D) Saturday, but ultimately fell 1-0 in the first of consecutive matches against their Western Conference competitors. The ‘Caps host the Galaxy Saturday in a rematch at BC Place.



Joke Of The Day

Who's going to stop me?

Six year old Angie, and her four-year old brother, Joel, were sitting together in church. Joel giggled, sang and talked out loud. Finally, his big sister had had enough. "You're not suppose to talk out loud in church."

"Why? Who's going to stop me?" Joel asked.

Angie pointed to the back of the church and said, "See those two men standing by the door? They're hushers."


Video Of The Day

Viola Smith is an American drummer best known for her work in orchestras, swing bands, and popular music in the 1930s and 1940s. She was one of the first professional female drummers. This video should get you moving today.



Thought For The Day


Good Idea

Kelowna Aquatic Centre 1909 - 1969

A group of residents in Kelowna have joined together to drum up interest in rebuilding the city's famous aquatic Centre. Over the years the aquatic centre evolved into an Olympic-sized swimming pool, with an Olympic 10-meter diving tower, and in fact they were in the circuit for the Olympic trials. For 60 years the facility was a major tourist draw and an integral part of the community.

For years at the end of the White Rock pier there was a swim tank and boat and paddle board rentals.

How would you feel about a giant salt water swimming pool (similar to Kits Pool in Vancouver), located on the White Rock waterfront?



Tomorrow In THE SUN

Yell It Like It Is

If you think it is just the Federal Conservatives that are instituting new voting guidelines, you may be surprised at the changes coming forth for our upcoming civic election in November.


White Rock tide tables

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