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Weekend Update

Saturday White Rock mayor DARRYL WALKER will throw the switch to light up the "Festival of Lights" @ Memorial Park 4:30 p.m.

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Local News

December 06, 2019

Over the past two weeks Vancouver and Surrey have been in the news as the wrestled with creating a new operating budget for the coming year.

Tuesday it is White Rock's turn.

A FINANCE AND AUDIT COMMITTEE MEETING will be held in the CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS, located at 15322 Buena Vista Avenue, White Rock, BC, on MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2019 and may be continued THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2019. Both meetings will begin at 5:00 p.m. for the transaction of business as listed below.

THAT the Finance and Audit Committee adopt the agenda for the meeting scheduled for December 9, 2019 as circulated.

Note: The December 9, 2019 meeting is to start at 5:00 p.m. if the items on the agenda are not completed the meeting will be adjourned to December 12, 2019 in order to continue the business.


Head of Surrey police transition committee says mayor's timeline is incorrect

The mayor of Surrey is being corrected by the man hired to steer the transition to a municipal police force.

On Monday, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum told reporters the committee overseeing the transition will pick up the pace and wrap up work by mid-December.

“We’ve been working very hard, we’ve been working with the minister over the last five or six days,” McCallum said after Monday night’s council meeting. “The general consensus over there is that they need to speed up the process. They’ve given us the green light to have our police, the committee’s work will be finished on Dec. 11.

But the chair of that committee says that’s not the case.

“This is a very complex matter. We are establishing a police force from the ground up,” explains former Attorney General and retired justice Wally Oppal. “I think it will take a lot longer. You’ve got to keep in mind that government basically shuts down from the middle of December until about the third week of January. So, even if we got our work done by the middle of this month. Nothing too much will get done on the next step.”

He says community safety comes first and the work — which includes establishing a police board, hiring a chief, and staffing a force with officers–can’t be rushed.


Bus Drivers Sign Contract

Transit workers have voted in favour of what the union is calling a “historic” three-year agreement.

The terms of the deal, which was approved by 84.3 per cent of union members, address wages and working conditions which were the issues at the heart of the protracted dispute.


December 05, 2019

Light Up The Night

Organizers of White Rock's first annual FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS are putting the finishing touches on the beautiful transformation of the city's new Memorial Park.

Saturday ( 2 - 6 p.m.) Memorial Park will be home to a day long holiday season celebration. The day caps off with the annual winter sail past of brightly decorated boats on Semiahmoo Bay.


Don't Chance It - Counter Attack Begins This Weekend

Lower Mainland RCMP will be out in force this weekend launching their Drinking and Driving Counter Attack Program. It is not just alcohol they will be looking for this weekend, if you are high on cannabis you too will come under the new regulations for impaired driving.


Operation Red Nose Returns

Great news. After a year without Operation Red Nose, the helpful program returns for this holiday season.

Langley Minor Hockey Association have announced they will pick up the slack and provide the service for White Rock/Langley & Surrey. The program goes into effect this weekend and runs right through to January 01, 2020.

If you feel your ability to operate a vehicle over the holidays has been impaired by anything, give them a call.

The number to call for a ride is 604-539-9082.


December 04, 2019


Statement from Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald

As Surrey’s Mayor and Council move towards final adoption of a 2020 budget that does not allow for any additional police resources for the second year in a row, it is important that we acknowledge the detrimental effect this will have on our service delivery model and on the health and wellness of our members and municipal support staff.

The City of Surrey previously denied my request for 12 additional officers for 2019 and it was made clear to me that any additional requests for police resources would not be entertained while the city is petitioning the province for a municipal police service.

The Surrey RCMP is committed to public safety, but also to the safety and wellness of our officers and employees. The senior leadership team will continue to advocate for adequate resources, even as the City of Surrey and Province of BC work to determine the future of policing in Surrey.

I commend the Surrey RCMP police officers and support staff who have continued to provide excellent police services to the city during this challenging period. To the residents of Surrey, the safety of your homes, your families, and your neighbourhoods remains our top priority, as always.



The cities of Surrey and Vancouver have recently come under public criticism for rising property taxes in both the cities. Cuts to what many residents would consider essential services have fallen victim to cuts in staff and services.

White Rock begins their process of creating their operating budgets beginning next week. How much of an increase can you expect?

Yesterday the VANCOUVER SUN issued a graph showing a Ten Year Average property tax breakdown

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Ladies First

A recent report created by Kwantlen Polytechnic University student Lisa Hedmark, Hedmark's research revealed the Provincial percentage of women RCMP officers is 24 percent. Nationally the figure of female officers is 22 percent.

Further research revealed the White Rock detachment is made up of 24 officers of which 14 are women totaling 58 percent.

Last year, White Rock RCMP was made up of 24 officers, 14 of whom were women – about 58 per cent. With the inclusion of the newly appointed Staff Sgt. Kale Pauls last month, the ratio currently sits at 56 per cent in favour of women.


December 03, 3019

South Surrey Murder Suspect Arrested In California

Brandon Nathan Tiexeira who has been the subject of a two year long manhunt, has been arrested in California.

Police were informed Teixeira was hiding out in Oroville California. With the assistance of the Butte County Sherrif Office the RCMP surrounded a home and moved forward with their plan to arrest Teixeira. Teixeira exited the house and ignored police commands to surrender eventually climbing into his vehicle and attempting to escape by ramming the officers vehicles. Eventually he was taken down by the K-9 unit.

Teixeira then attempted to drive off, but the BCSO used a second armored vehicle to disable his vehicle.

While executing the search warrant, the sheriff’s office personnel “located approximately 26 pounds of heroin, over 1,000 OxyContin and Percocet pills, and an estimated 40 pounds of marijuana.”

Back in October 2017 in the early morning hours it is alleged Tiexeira killed Nicholas Khabara in South Surrey just off of Crescent Road.

A year ago frustrated by their ability to bring Tiexeira to justice, the reward for his arrest was raised to $55,000.00

“Brandon Teixeira’s arrest is the result of thousands of hours of dedicated work by dozens of officers in CFSEU-BC, IHIT, and many other police agencies in British Columbia and the United States,” says Superintendent Paul Dadwal, Acting Chief Officer for the CFSEU-BC. “Working through the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, our partners in California were able to take Teixeira into custody. The message to criminals on the run, yet again, is that we will relentlessly pursue you until you face justice.”

Soon after the initial report of the shooting the RCMP received a call from a woman who said she had been shot.

At the time of the shooting, the woman – who has not been publicly identified – was said by police to be known to Khabra, and that they believed she was with him when the shooting occurred.

The RCMP will soon transport Tiexeira back to Canada from Oroville, CA.




Night Owl

Are you kicking yourself because you left it too late to purchase your VALDY CHRISTMAS tickets?

Great news, watch from the comfort of your home.

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Do you know what you are looking at? I didn't until a chance meeting with Susan Jensen.

That is the dream of the White Rock Sun fulfilled.

Since the inception of Canada's FIRST Online Newspaper it has been my goal to include as many community voices as possible. When I recently met Susan for the first time the topic somehow ended up being about her community garden. My ears perked up. "Would you be at all interested in writing about gardening locally?"

Well imagine my pleasant surprise when this article on Ground Cherries turned up this week. Thank you Susan and thank you readers. If you have an idea for a story in THE SUN please let me know.

David Chesney


Seed Catalogue Alert: Ground Cherries

On December 1, I harvested the last of this summer’s ground cherry crop. I can’t say enough about this garden plant that has been producing fruit since July and keeps going until it freezes. You’ve probably seen ground cherries (Physalis species - sometimes called “gooseberries”) as a garnish on dessert plates. It’s papery husk is distinctive -- the plant is related to the Tomatillo and Chinese Lantern. The fruits inside taste like fruit punch and are amazing raw or in desserts.

These plants grow like crazy as annuals in our climate on the sunny peninsula. Start from seed indoors in early spring. Plant plenty and give some warmth so enough germinate. Once they’re growing, pot them up, and then transplant them out in a sunny spot when the weather warms up -- like tomatoes. Give them lots of space and plan to do some staking or caging or else by the end of the summer they’ll sprawl out 3 feet in all directions. They’re pest/disease resistant and require little care.

Little yellow flowers on the plant will each develop into a fruit - and they’ll keep coming on until the plant freezes. You can get a hundred or more fruits from each plant during our growing season. Pick each fruit once its husk turns yellow. The ripe fruits are about an inch in diameter, depending on the variety, and are orange. There’s no pit.

Like tomatoes and potatoes, these are a nightshade. The green, unripe fruits and leaves contain the toxic chemical solanine. I am guessing the leaves and green fruit don’t taste good anyhow.

All in all I recommend adding ground cherries to your winter seed order -- you can find them alongside the Tomatillo varieties. This year I had 3 plants -- one at the Crescent Park Community Garden, one in my front yard and one in a container. I plan to double the number next year since I hear you can freeze them.

Susan Jensen/Ocean Park



Eve Lees

Seniors Health.

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TNT The Naked Truth

Don Pitcairn

Tighten Your Belt and Hang On To Your Money

Fireworks might be banned in Surrey but there should be plenty at the Finance Committee meeting this afternoon that reveals the true cost of changing from the RCMP to the new Surrey Police Department (SPD).

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Thought for the Day


Video of the Day

I love new Christmas songs.

Snap your fingers, and tap your toes along with BLAKE SHELTON and GWEN STEFANI

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