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The Naked Truth

DON PITCAIRN is seeing red this morning.




Night Owl

While we were all busy heading back and forth to the cabin, going to the PNE, enjoying the Party on the Pier, KELLY & JUANITA at Blue Frog Studios were burning up the phones booking the Fall music sessions at Canada's Premiere Performance Centre, right here in White Rock.

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Tuesday September 02, 2014

Local News

September 02, 2014

New Reduced Bus Service In White Rock

Those dependent on the Community Shuttle buses to get to work and to go shopping or visit the doctor are in for a big surprise. The C-51 buses will be reduced from half hour service to hourly service commencing this week.

The C-52 & C-53 will remain with the same service for the time being.


Mediator walks away from teachers' talks

There will be no public schools open today. It is not expected the teachers and the Liberal government will even reach a settlement anytime this week. The scramble is now on by parents who work during the day, as the look for alternate care options. A number of after school day care centres, like the one being run out of Ocean Park Hall, have quickly cropped up to fill the void.


August 30, 2014

Wasn't That A Party?

Hats off to Semiahmoo Arts and the City of White Rock for staging a great birthday party for our pier. The longest pier in Canada turned 100 this month, and Semiahmoo Arts tied it into their 40th anniversary. The food and beverages were wonderful and the music courtesy of MOSTLY MARLEY and THE POWDER BLUES BAND provided the sound track to a postcard evening.

It was a win win win situation as everyone involved including city reps said "We should do this again, and again, and again."


August 26

White Rock's Has A New Park

White Rock has paid homage to MARGARET STAGER by dedicating a park in her memory for her many years of volounteering in the city. HUGH ELLENWOOD at the White Rock Museum (he knows everything) sent over the following information;

Margaret Stager came to White Rock with her family in 1934. She started the Girl Guides in White Rock in 1950 and was very involved for 10 years. A Margaret Lang Hastings article written in 1982 reads:

"It was during the late 1960s that she and her neighbours in the 15100 block [of Columbia Ave.] successfully petitioned the city to clean up the vacant strip along Columbia Avenue in front of their homes.

Not only was this done, but the work expanded into flowers, some lawn and a bench, for one more attractive green space in White Rock. Naming the new park was suggested by a neigbour who felt that Margaret Stager's years of work with the girls and her other community service deserved recognition."

The park possesses a breath taking vantage point of the ocean view afforded residents on the hillside. The park is located at the corner of Johnston Road and Columbia Avenue.


August 23, 2014

Request For Railing and Chain Link Mesh on White Rock Waterfront

The controversy over safety fences along the White Rock waterfront has been ramped up another notch by Transport Canada and BNSF railways. The city has been ordered to fill in the railing along the promenade on East Beach. Erect a fence at the top of the Coldicutt Ravine access point and re-design the crossing point at Findlay Street across on east beach. The city must also put meshing along the fence at the bottom of Bayview Park. Check out our GOOD IDEA below.

(see the diagrams of the area that will be affected)

TRANSPORT CANADA who are behind the safety measure upgrades on the White Rock waterfront are under huge public pressure following this week's report on the LE MEGANTIC rail disaster last year in Quebec which killed 47. (watch EVAN SOLOMON on CBC)


Vote today for White Rock or Surrey

Do you think where you/we live is the best place in all of Canada? Well then tell the rest of the country by casting your vote today.

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I Boomer

BOOMER no longer has kids of school age, but he is so long in the tooth his one child is now a school teacher. You just know this school strike strikes close to home.

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In My Opinion

This week ROSS BUCHANAN heads up to what he calls "The Bunker on Buena Vista" armed with nothing more than facts and figures.

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Coming Events

Sunday show your pet you care.

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This weekend Washington DC visit BC Place to take on The Caps. Saturday 7 p.m.


Resting Lions - Crouching Quarterback

Friday night the Lions head to Ottawa. Game time 4:30 local.

Next home game is against Winnipeg Bluebombers Saturday September 13, BC Place 7 p.m.


Joke Of The Day

People say that there is no difference between 'finished' and 'complete'.

I say there is.....

Marry the right person, and you're 'complete'

Marry the wrong person, and you're 'finished'


Video Of The Day

Alright class. Everyone who remembers how this song was the sound track of your life for returning to school after summer holiday, please raise your hands. I see you Mr. McCubbin, and you too Ms. Craig.


Thought For The Day


Tomorrow In THE SUN

Friday & Saturday

Preview of the Second Annual White Rock Moon Festival this coming weekend.



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